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February 13, 2018

The 5 Best SMS Templates for Requesting Online Reviews

The 5 Best SMS Templates for Requesting Online Reviews 1

There is often more than one reason you want to start improving your online reputation. You may be interested in learning more about what your customers are thinking. You might want to hear what customers think of your service experience. You may even want to use it as an opportunity to find out who your best customers really are.

Luckily for you, all of these things can be accomplished (alongside increasing your online ratings), by using the right online review solicitation template with a tool like RepCheckup. That’s right, with a little clever wordsmithing, and our reputation management tool, you can capture a variety of customer data points while generating awesome 5 star reviews.

Keep reading below to get The 5 Best SMS Templates for Requesting Online Reviews.

1. Thank You For Your Business

Let’s start out with the simplest SMS template, or what we call the, “Thank You For Your Business” template. This simple template is perfect for your first online review solicitation campaign. Especially if you are weary of asking your customers for too much information.

Here’s how this template reads:

“Hi {first_name}, thank you for your business today! In order to best serve you and others, could you click on this link {link} to answer one question about your service experience?”

2. Rate Us on Google

The next most popular SMS template is what we call the, “Rate Us on Google” template. This template is specifically designed to help you increase your Google reviews. This is important if you have poor Google reviews or want a bit of an SEO lift.

Here’s how this template reads:

“Hi {first_name}, it was great seeing your today. Would you take one minute to answer a quick question then leave a positive review on Google about your experience? Here is the link {link}. Thanks for your help, and business!”

3. Let Us Know How We Did?

Sometimes, you’re not interested in just generating a positive review. More often than not, you simply want to know how you did, in the eye of the customer. This is where the, “Let Us Know How We Did?” template comes in handy.

Here’s how this template reads:

“Hey {first_name}, we really appreciate your business. Could you help us learn more about how we did today? If you have a minute could you click this link {link} and let us know how we are doing? Thank you! {Your_Name}”

4 Would You Recommend Us to a Friend?

If you’ve been in business any amount of time, you know that not all customers are equal. The best customers, beside being profitable, are also most likely to recommend you to their friends and family. With the, “Would You Recommend Us to a Friend” template, you can find your best customers.

Here’s how this template reads:

“Hi {first_name}, thank you for your visit today. Can you take a minute to answer a question about your experience with us? Here is the link {link}. We appreciate your time and the insights will help us better perform in the future!

5 Your Feedback is Important

We all know that customer feedback is important. Sometimes it is more important than a fresh new five star online review. When you’re looking to grab more feedback, the “Your Feedback is Important” template should be your go-to message.

Here’s how this template reads:

“Hey {first_name}, your feedback is important to us. Could you take less than a minute to leave us feedback on your visit? This link {link} will take you to a quick survey with 3 questions. Afterwards, you may be asked to leave a review on our Google profile. We appreciate your help and thank you for your business!”

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