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February 8, 2018

Automate or Physically Ask: What will you use to get Online Reviews?

Automate or Physically Ask: What will you use to get Online Reviews? 1

Ah, the great debate. To automate, or manually ask, for online reviews? When it comes to getting more online reviews, online marketers have debated which of these two strategies is the best one for a business. Let’s take a look at both automation, and manual, to see if we can declare a winner.

Finding a Way To Get Online Reviews

No matter what option you choose to use after reading this article, make sure you choose something. By simply asking your customers to leave an online review, you will start to build your online presence and brand awareness. Do the work!

Let’s start with taking a look at automating online reviews with software, and why businesses might shy away from sending requests for reviews electronically instead of manually.

Is Automation Personal Enough to Get You Online Reviews?

Very simply, yes. This is because you can personalize automation. Making sure you don’t sound like a robot when contacting customers for an online review make sense, but knowing how and when and to send a review request through text or email will ensure the message is genuinely perceived.

To help personalize your message, ask these questions:

  • When did they complete their purchase?
  • Have they worked with us in the past?
  • What did they purchase from us?

Once you have these answers and more, now is the time to create the messaging.

It’s All About Online Review Text Messaging Baby!

The words you use to solicit an online review via an automated software is important. Your messages should be short and simple, and include a link to your designated professional review profile.

You may also want to create multiple templates, such as one for repeat customers, customers who have only come in once, and customers who haven’t worked with you in over 6 months, etc. Once you create these messages and groupings, then you can start to drop these customers into different messaging templates and away go the messages.

Sit back and wait for the reviews to come rolling in. Studies show that 7 out of 10 customers will leave an online review when asked. Now let’s take a look at manually asking for reviews, and why the automation folks think that is a drag!

Manually Asking for Online Reviews Can Be Time Consuming

I understand that you may be  more comfortable asking for online reviews in person. You’re accustomed to interacting with your customer, and it’s easy to see why you wouldn’t want to switch your ways. You’ve built a bond with the customer, and want to reinforce the personal touch your business brings to the customer experience.

This might get you somewhere when you’re small, or just starting. However being comfortable with a strategy does not mean it is the best strategy. Especially if you’re a busy professional with lots on your plate.

Why? Most people we speak with who “ask for online reviews in person,” have some of the lowest volumes of online reviews that we see.

The reason? As comfortable as you may be asking for an online review in person, it’s easy for you to forget. It’s also makes it harder for the customer. Do you honestly think they will remember to do that when they get home?

Most won’t because they’ll get wrapped up in whatever is happening to them in the moment. You can sit back and hope the online reviews roll in, but wouldn’t you rather get them predictably?

Automation is a Predictable Way to Get Online Reviews

So… your online reviews may not be as tasty as a homemade rotisserie chicken. Fortunately, there’s tools to make online reviews look great to those potential customers looking for a sample of what it’s like to do business with you!

When using an online review management tool, such as RepCheckup, you’re able to save so much time by telling the software to automatically send out your messages to your customers. No more spending time writing individual emails, checking back on old customers, and remembering to physically ask them at the check-out!

One Way or Another Get Online Reviews!

Ultimately, the goal is to get new online reviews. Whether you decide the best way for you is to physically ask, use an online review management software, or a mixture of both, keep in mind that the most important this is that you get it done!

Which way will you be using to grow your online brand awareness?

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