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March 3, 2018

Why is it Only Bad Reviews Spark Our Interest

Why is it Only Bad Reviews Spark Our Interest 1

I recently had a conversation with an old neighborhood friend about the online reviews left for the business he started about a year ago and I couldn’t have been happier that we reconnected on this issue!

The conversation got started because he got a 1-star review from someone who claimed to be a customer when they weren’t. The issue of fake reviews is a common one, and it plagues business owners from every vertical. To combat the fake review, my friend was looking for more real customers to leave reviews and bury the poor fake review.

Now, this got me thinking!

Drowning out negative reviews with positive reviews is what RepCheckup does!

Why wait until you get a bad review to start asking for more reviews in an aggressive matter?

Why is it Only Bad Reviews Spark Our Interest 2

Bad Online Reviews Draw More Interest Than Positive Ones

As with most things, the bad stuff gets the most attention. I know and understand that. When it comes to business, I think we need to change the way we pursue reviews before something bad happens.

Your ratings and reviews are your word of mouth marketing, online. It’s a way to get customers in the door and, for some reason, most businesses don’t care about this until they get a bad or fake review.

Also, why only be alerted about bad news? Don’t you want to hear about the times you did a good job too? When you’re actively monitoring your online reviews, you’ll most likely get a pat on the back more than you’ll be getting torn down!

Stop Responding To Only Negative Reviews

Plenty of companies out there are only giving their side of the story when someone is complaining. I don’t know about the rest of you, but growing up I was told to say “Thank you” (at the very least) to someone who pays me a compliment. Why does that ideal not flow into your business?

Make sure you pay attention to the good being said about your business and thank those who are saying it about you!

Why is it Only Bad Reviews Spark Our Interest 3 

Here are 3 reasons why you should respond

  1. You’re gracious for the feedback
  2. Prospective customers see you appreciate all your customers
  3. You can explain your side of the story with a bad review

Bad Reviews Are Not All That Bad

The day will come (if it hasn’t) already that you will receive a bad review. Don’t panic! They really are not that bad and I have explained in detail on a post titled:

Negative Reviews Aren’t All That Negative

What’s The Lesson To Be Learned?

Moral of the story here is that you need pay attention to your online reviews and responding to all of them in an appropriate way. If you’re not getting enough reviews, then you need to start asking for reviews.

Customers will respond in a good manner when asked, there are stats out there to prove it!

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