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March 1, 2018

Your Business Review Profiles are Causing your Customers to Get Lost

Your Business Review Profiles are Causing your Customers to Get Lost 1

I’ve lived in Buffalo, NY most of my life. I did go away to college, but would travel back and forth throughout that time. Over the weekend, I was leaving a birthday party in South Buffalo and realized I didn’t know how to get home. I was determined not to use my phone and eventually I made it home safe.

This slightly embarrassing situation that I’m sharing with you got me thinking about how valuable it is to have the correct information when it comes to the monitoring your businesses online review profiles and the accuracy of the data.

It used to be the phone book that people would go to and find your address or phone, but now they go right for their smartphone.

All Basic Online Review Profile Information Needs To Be Identical

The industry slang you may hear for listings management is NAP: Name Address Phone number. It is critical information that needs to be precise throughout all business information directories, which include ones that let customers leave a review.

For example, let’s say that your mailing address is 123 Main St.

When you are updating your business information online, you’ll want to make sure that “Main Street” is to be abbreviated as “St.” on every site. You can not have variations of the address because the machines Google use see that difference and denote it as two different addresses and marks it as a mistake.

Despite how small it may seem, this type of mistake can hurt your ranking on Google, even on information directories with low search traffic.

Your Business Review Profiles are Causing your Customers to Get Lost 2

Make Sure Your Review Profiles Phone Number is Clickable

On your website, you want to make sure your phone number can be found on each and every page. More and more users are accessing your website from their phones and you want make it easy for customers to call.

Adding the click to call feature is another way to set yourself apart from the competition.

Perfect Business Directory Information Is The Gateway Drug of Marketing

When you have your listing information correct, especially on highly trafficked and authoritative review profiles like Google my Business, it allows you to interact with your customers on a higher level. It gives your customers access to you on multiple levels.

With a well-developed listing, your phone number is just one click away, and since the address is accurate, customers can easily come to your storefront.

The result? They don’t get lost!

Doing this requires time – time spent distancing yourself from the competition to keep customers coming through the door.

Direct Your Customers Right To Your Front Door

Making sure your N.A.P. information is correct is an easy step that yields results.

If you’re interested in making sure all your info is correct, contact us. We can scan your listing information and make sure it is all correct for you!

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