Dr. Ava Uses RepCheckup to Manage Her Brand's Reputation Successfully

    The Challenge

    Dr. Ava Shamban is one of world’s best known dermatologists. She’s graced the front covers of magazines and regular appears on fan-favorite daytime television shows to offer medical insight to viewers worldwide. However, celebrity status doesn’t ensure that her business will be treated fairly online.

    Based in California, Dr. Shamban has two practices located in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, placing her practice at the center of California’s beauty-loving population. Designed with modern look in mind, her stylish offices provide a luxury experience for patients, helping them feel comfortable during their appointment.

    After struggling to ensure that the offline realities of Ava MD Santa Monica and Beverly Hills were properly reflected online, Dr. Shamban reached out to RepCheckup for a solution to her online presence problem.

    The Solution

    RepCheckup worked with Dr. Shamban’s team to integrate it’s solution with existing practice software, ensuring each patient gets asked for feedback, and is sent a request to leave a review online.

    RepCheckup offers a centralized dashboard that allows our clients, like Dr. Shamban, to monitor what is being posted to their online review profiles. These professional pages are a place for patients to go and leave a message containing their experience and a star-rating for healthcare practices and doctors.. Whenever someone leaves a review, Dr. Shamban and her team can view and respond to it through Repcheckup.

    Perhaps more importantly than that, to Dr. Shamban, was the fact that RepCheckup allowed her to directly text and email patients and ask about their experience.

    The Result

    In just 9 months, Dr. Shamban has been able to increase the number of online reviews on her profiles by over 5,000% and can finally ensure that the offline realities of the great care she provides is properly reflected online.

    But there’s more to this story than just numbers. Increasing the overall number of reviews on her professional profiles was not only a great goal to achieve – it’s also a way to connect with prospective future patients by demonstrating the quality of her practice through each and every patient review.

    After seeing how successful using RepCheckup was in increasing reviews from patients, the office of Dr. Shamban continues to use the tool and implement frequent solicitations to keep in touch with patients and ensure a healthy online reputation.

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