Dr. Lombardi successfully uses RepCheckup to Gain More Patient Feedback

    The Challenge

    Dr. Milan Lombardi is a young and highly talented dermatologist in Tampa, Florida, who prides himself on taking time with each and every patient, getting positive outcomes, and making sure to keep up with the latest technology. As a young doctor, Dr. Lombardi fully understands how important a doctor’s reputation is throughout their entire career. But, now, with the internet becoming more and more entwined with the medical world, Dr. Lombardi also understands just how important it is to have an online reputation that matches his in-office realities.

    As a concierge dermatologist who already has a following of patients, Dr. Lombardi enjoys a steady pace of seeing patients throughout the day. However, becoming truly established as the high-quality dermatologist of the area necessitated a campaign for online reinforcement of his already respected real-world reputation.

    The goal, ultimately, was to create a repository of honest reviews that would continually help prospective patients make the move into his office.

    The RepCheckup Solution

    With years of experience in the reputation management and SEO industry, RepCheckup was able to implement a system that’s not only easy to use but effective in converting patients into online reviewers.

    Our system allows clients, like Dr. Lombardi, to manage his profiles on websites like Google, Facebook, and Vitals to view and respond to new reviews from a single dashboard, rather than signing into multiple accounts throughout the week.

    The most important feature is the ability to catalog patients and their information in a safe database that allows clients to launch review-soliciting campaigns directly to a patient’s cell phone or email.

    “It targets people’s mobile devices, which is a good avenue to have in addition to email,” Dr. Lombardi stated. Another aspect of RepCheckup that’s loved by our clients like Dr. Lombardi? Well, we’ll let him explain: “It quantifies the number of people would maybe have a negative sentiment about the office and  allows you to handle that complaint privately.”

    “Everybody should have something like this and I know great doctors who have been in practice longer than me with less reviews. Some ignore it because they don’t want to waste energy because they know their reputation in the medical field is established, but this is an issue everyone should really be paying attention to.”

    The Results

    Though he’s worked with representative companies in the past, Dr. Lombardi explained that he “went through what most plastic surgeons go through while trying to get their name and reputation out there.”

    And, despite knowing about the importance of online reputation management, he notes just how easy it is to “underestimate the importance and benefits of this type of contact because of the surprising amount of business it brings in.”

    The reviews RepCheckup generates are 100% real and honest reviews; there’s no need to turn to shady dealings or fake reviews to manufacture a doctor’s reputation online. “You want to be with a company that’s reputable, honest, and ethical,” Dr. Lombardi explains, understanding the important connection between honesty and success when it comes to reputation management.

    By using RepCheckup, Dr. Lombardi was able to create a repository of over 50 Google reviews and a total rating of 5 stars. Now, not only is Dr. Lombardi’s reputation solidified online in an honest manner, but he is protected from fake negative reviews if they come his way. These reviews, left by happy patients, are the result of a simple question: will you leave a review?

    “I thought online reviews were important, but I’ve underestimated how much they have helped my business. The fact is that I’m new in the area, so having so many positive reviews really helps bring people’s interest from online into the office,” he explains.

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