Dr. Romano Successfully Manages His Online Reputation with RepCheckup

    The Challenge

    One of Chicago’s leading orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Victor Romano prides himself with providing excellent medical care to his patients. Working together with Dr. Peter McQueen, Dr. Romano has built a practice that is esteemed as the best place to receive orthopedic care.

    Having everything work smoothly in-office doesn’t mean that his professional online profiles were reflecting that same reality. In fact, Dr. Romano’s practice didn’t have many reviews at all, letting hundreds of patient’s great experiences remain silent.

    After getting hit with a negative online review, Dr. Romano realized he needed to implement an online reputation management program to rectify the situation. He reached out to RepCheckup for an immediate solution to his one star review problem.

    The Solution

    RepCheckup worked with Dr. Romano’s team to audit his current online reputation to find out what his best course of action was. Following this, we designed a comprehensive strategy to improve the online reputation of the practice.

    Online reputation management strategies can differ for everyone, but Dr. Romano needed a way to regularly touch base with his patients to see how they were doing, and to let them they know how much he’d appreciate their feedback on his online review profiles.

    His unique online reputation management strategy required RepCheckup. Using repcheckup ensured all patients of the practice were asked for their feedback, without spending a lot of time. Using a text message campaign ensured patient participation; Now Dr. Romano could quickly send a text to patients, gather feedback, publish it online, and evaluate trends. Using Repcheckup made it easy for Romano Orthopedic Center staff to solicit review requests. This meant that Dr. Romano was able to touch base with all of his patients to let them know that their experience was important to the doctors and everyone else at the practice.

    The Result

    The negative online review is a thing of the past! In just 9 months, Dr. Romano has been able to increase the number of online reviews on his profiles by over 2,550%! His 1 star Google My Business profile is now 4.8 stars, and presents a more accurate depiction of the great care Dr. Romano provides patients in the Chicago area.

    Studies have shown that people are 85% more likely to leave an online review if only they are asked, which gives RepCheckup customers, like Dr. Romano, the ability to see the results through each new review that’s left.

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