New York Surgeon, Dr. Vigdorchik, Uses Repcheckup to Manage His Online Reputation

    The Challenge

    Located in New York City, Dr. Jonathan Vigdorchik is one of city’s leading orthopedic hip surgeons. Having specialized in hip surgery and arthroscopic knee surgery, Dr. Vigdorchik is one of the few physicians in New York who have mastered the use of the Da Vinci machine and robotic assisted surgery.

    Despite a prestigious background, and being a current professor of orthopedic surgery, Dr. Vigdorchik had a problem with his reputation. No, it had nothing to do with the reality of the kind of care he provides. Instead, Dr. Vigdorchik was affected by fake, negative online reviews that often pointed to his young age or other unrelated details.

    After getting hit with a series of fake, negative online reviews, Dr. Vigdorchik reached out to RepCheckup for an immediate solution.

    The Solution

    RepCheckup worked with Dr. Vigdorchik’s team to integrate RepCheckup with his existing treatment follow-up software, ensuring each patient was asked for feedback and to leave a review online.

    Since Dr. Vigdorchik already spends a lot of time with his patients, developing a relationship with them as well as developing a plan to restore their comfort and quality of life, there was no reason for his online reputation to be anything but great. In fact, a patient of his even ran a NYC marathon with a shirt specifically made to thank Dr. Vigdorchik for her new hip!

    The solution was simple: asking these patients to leave a review with their experience on Dr. Vigdorchik’s professional profiles, like on Facebook or Google My Business.

    Using RepCheckup’s simple features for reaching out to patients, Dr. Vigdorchik and his team used both text messages and emails to reach out to patients and ask them to leave a review. By touching base with patients via text, Dr. Vigdorchik was able to reach them more directly and enjoy greater success managing his online reputation.

    The Result

    Like many RepCheckup clients, Dr. Vigdorchik was able to completely turn around the state of his online reputation. In just 9 months, Dr. Vigdorchik has been able to increase the number of online reviews on his profiles by over 850%! His Google My Business profile went from one fake 1.0 star review to 4.4 stars, more accurately reflecting the great care Dr. Vigdorchik provides patients.

    Even though it can be close to impossible to completely curb fake reviews, using RepCheckup has been able to mitigate the potential damage that these fake online reviews could wreak on his professional reputation. As Dr. Vigdorchik and his team continue to use RepCheckup, they continue to enjoy real feedback left by actual patients.

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