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Online Reviews FAQs
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Pricing & Support FAQs
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Company FAQs
Online Reviews FAQs
How do you help clients get more online reviews?
We provide them with technology that allows them to easily solicit new five star ratings and reviews via emails and text messages. We also provide them with in-office signage and other materials designed to educate customers about the importance of online reviews and encourages them to participate in your efforts.
Do we have the ability to remove negative reviews that are published?
No, there is no way to stop a public review from being published. If it is fake, and the review-website's ToS allows for the removal of fake reviews, they can be removed after they are published.. We try to prevent negative reviews from going public through the triage system by asking your patrons if they ‘would recommend you’, then sending those who said no (negative sentiment) to a private form which is emailed to you or your staff. This system greatly decreases the likelihood of a public negative review.
Why does online reputation management matter?
As both patients and shoppers alike turn to the internet to do their research first, rather than relying on word-of-mouth referrals, online review platforms are likely the first thing they’ll encounter. The majority of people use Google to gather their information, which gives them immediate and highly-visible access to the reviews and ratings your business has online. The perception of your business's brand (quantified by reviews) can then either attract or dissuade potential clients.
Can I use online reviews in my marketing materials?
Yes! We encourage you to leverage the power of positive reviews on your website, social media, and in-house displays. Reviews left by your customers are some of the best marketing you’ll ever receive!
How many positive reviews do I need to gain 1 new customer?
While we can’t predict human behavior, we can tell you that a good rule of thumb to follow when you’re first starting to increase the quantity of reviews is that for every 7 positive reviews you get, you can increase your star ranking by 1. Additionally, a study by BrightLocal found that having a 5-star rating earns a business 39% more clicks from Google than having a 1-star rating. Further still, over 50% of consumers select a business with positive reviews.
How does reputation management differ from marketing and branding campaigns?
Leveraging customer word of mouth is nothing new in business and it has always been a part of marketing and branding efforts. A reputation management campaign focuses specifically on generating online reviews (today’s word of mouth), to help you convert more customers and provide you with additional content for your marketing and branding campaigns.TL;DR: Reputation management works hand-in-hand with marketing and branding.
Yelp, YellowPages, Facebook just called asking my business to spend money on marketing - Do I need to make room in my tight budget for them too?
Many of these mega-platforms reach out to business owners to try and have a marketing budget allocated for their website specifically. In some cases, business owners do choose to work with individual platforms to build marketing programs. However, the goal of RepCheckup is to monitor and curate your reputation across all of your most important platforms, giving you more reputation management coverage than a single marketing budget with one platform would allow.
My ex-wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend is spreading rumors about me online - can RepCheckup help me!?
Unfortunately, fake reviews and rumor-spreading online is a common problem with individuals and businesses. At this time, RepCheckup is focused on aiding businesses manage their online reputation.
If something is said about my business online, does it go on my “permanent record” like high school?
The truth about the internet is that it is “forever” in the sense that it’s difficult to have something removed from the internet once it’s there. In some cases, we are able to get reviews removed, but it is ultimately up to the review website to execute upon. Because removing reviews (fake or not) typically provides no benefit to these websites, the chance that they will actually take action is greatly reduced.
Software Features FAQs
Do you report on keywords?
No, RepCheckup does not monitor or report on your keyword rankings on search engines such as Google. If you need this type of service, please visit our sister company InboundMD.
How are RepCheckup requests sent?
You may choose between email or text messages to reach out to your clients, which can be done manually one at a time or in bulk. We can also integrate with EHRs/EMRs provided they have an open API.
What does a RepCheckup message look like?
Here’s an example:“Hi Cathy, it’s Dr. Jones. Thanks for coming in today! Could you spend one minute to let me know about your experience and leave a rating on Google? Please click here if you have the time. Your feedback is important to me. Thanks! Dr. Jones”
How does a customer or patient know the text or email message is from our office?
We know that people are more likely to open text messages and emails if they know who is sending it. When you signup for RepCheckup, you are assigned a local phone number for sending text messages, and when you send an email message, it is sent from your name. Similarly, all RepCheckup emails sent out will come from a name and email you’ve selected!
Why does RepCheckup only ask one question?
We find that asking too many questions often stops customers from leaving feedback and reviews. We simply ask “Would you recommend Dr. Jones to a friend or family member?” However, we could also accommodate adding more questions or presenting the page as more of a traditional survey.
How does RepCheckup work?
After a purchase or office visit, you can send a customer and or patient a RepCheckup review solicitation. Depending on the method of sending that you choose, the customer or patient will receive a message via email or text message, shortly after sending. You can send the messages manually or upload them to be sent in bulk.The message contains a simple greeting from you and requests that the recipient clicks on a link to leave you feedback about their visit. After clicking the link, the recipient is sent to a web page that asks whether or not they would recommend your company.When a client answers “yes” that they would recommend you to a friend or family member, they are sent to your preferred online profile and prompted to leave a five-star review. We use Google as this preferred online profile by default. If the client selects “no,” they are sent to a private form where they can enter in their information and why they would not recommend the hospital/practice/provider. This is then sent to an email address to triage the complaint. After submission, the patient is sent to the website homepage.
How long does the RepCheckup review solicitation process take to complete?
The entire RepCheckup process should take under 3 minutes, including writing the review.
What is the success rate of RepCheckup review solicitations?
The success rate of RepCheckup depends on a number of factors, including your industry, the volume of customers or patients you see weekly, and whether you’re sending email or text message solicitations. In general, you can expect over 50% of those solicited to open the message, with about 10% of those leaving both recommendation feedback and a positive review.
How are negative reviews handled?
One of the benefits of RepCheckup is that it works to prevent negative reviews before they happen. Our system will, by default, send a patient who would not recommend your business or practice to a private form that will send their feedback directly to internal personnel. We direct them to this private portal to better solve customer problems without having a negative review left publicly online.
Are those likely to recommend my company sent directly to leave a review?
After identifying a patient or customer with positive sentiment, we currently send them directly to a third party website to leave a review. We do this by default because the positive (authentic) exposure generated from reviews on these websites influences other prospective customer's willingness to engage with your business. For example, most patients start their search for a doctor on a third party website or are exposed to them, before the provider / hospital website (in many cases).
How long does it take to get started with RepCheckup?
It takes about 10 minutes for you to setup your account. After that, you’ll be ready to start real-time monitoring of the review sites that list your businesses across the web. You can immediately begin sending email and text message review solicitations. Most customers spend anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes each week sending out solicitations and checking in on what’s being said about them.
How will I benefit from using RepCheckup?
There are numerous benefits to using RepCheckup. The first is that you can easily request and capture positive reviews from your customers and patients and allow them to share their great experiences online. This ensures your online presence represents the reality of the great work you do offline. The public record of those sentiments gives your business the powerful, authentic customer-driven content that is proven to influence new customers when they are deciding to buy from your business.You’ll also save a ton of time and frustration with our real-time review monitoring dashboard, which displays your ratings and reviews from over 20 websites. The point of having such great tech at your disposal? You can now respond to all your reviews from one single dashboard in real-time – just one login and password to remember! With the time you save, you can reinvest into activities that drive your business or hey, go home early!
What makes RepCheckup different?
RepCheckup has a single purpose: We help businesses manage their customer reviews across the internet, unlike many other pieces of marketing software that attempt to do everything; from being your CRM, to handling your social media.
Who needs RepCheckup?
Medical professionals, practice managers, larger hospital systems, and business owners of all verticals should be actively managing their online reputation. By ignoring the platform many potential customers or patients use to make buying decisions, the success of your business and practice is out of your control. This means that you are leaving a powerful way to drive new revenue to you business in the hands of people that do not work in your business and are vulnerable to competitors who attempt to drive fake-negative reviews to these profiles to gain an unfair advantage.Who doesn’t need RepCheckup?!?! Show us a business that won’t benefit from boasting about their great customer experience and we’ll show you a liar.
How can I help the RepCheckup tool work to it’s fullest potential?
RepCheckup is only one tool in your belt that you need to attract customers. Are your customers most likely to be satisfied with your service immediately after they leave your place of business? While they are in your business? Or weeks after your service has been rendered? The timing of when you solicit the reviews can have an impact on the quantity and quality of your reviews. The time you take to respond to review (the faster the better) is an indicator that search engines use to help them establish how they rank your business online.It’s a good idea to have reviews on any website, but it’s a better idea to have reviews on websites that have the biggest audience of your customers. This means having reviews on websites like your Google (Local/Maps) Profile or Facebook. Once you’re satisfied with the number of reviews you have on one site, you can easily direct the reviews to another site, so that your online reputation is robust and thorough wherever would-be customers and patients are reading about your business.We recommend starting with Google, but depending on your industry you’ll want to eventually drive traffic to industry related review sites which also have an impact on buyer psychology. Things that are always in your power to improve include the responsiveness of your website, providing quality educational content, and having complete and active profiles on Google My Business and other popular review sites.Honestly, just use it. Don’t let it sit and collect dust. Interact with your customers, monitor reviews, see what the ideal customer is for your business. You can gain a lot of insight to your business on what data and feedback you receive from your customers.
Does RepCheckup monitor customer comments left on my social media accounts?
The RepCheckup tool is designed to monitor what people say about you on websites that have dedicated rating and review functionality (like Avvo, Facebook, Google, Yelp) . If it’s a site where a customer can leave a star rating, we can track it. Facebook (yes, Facebook is social media) provides business pages with reviews, which is why RepCheckup can track that. Trying to find a great Tweet that you read yesterday in your Twitter feed is either time consuming or near impossible. Social media is not as static as a review website and the RepCheckup tool isn’t designed to track “temporary” comments.
How does RepCheckup help me automatically share positive reviews left on my profiles?
By default, RepCheckup does not automatically solicit or share online reviews. RepCheckup does integrate with select software systems, in order to automate the sending of email or text message review solicitations. We are currently working on the ability to share your ratings and reviews directly on your website. Stay tuned; same bat time, same bat channel.
Does RepCheckup provide an ROI report?
While the value of a new positive review will vary for each business, as well as the time savings you will receive, RepCheckup does provide robust, transparent, reporting. Everything from the number of reviews received, the rating, and what was said in the review.We also make all of the statistics behind you review solicitation campaigns, sends, received, opens, and link clicks, available as well. This ensure you know the results you’re receiving, what’s working, and what’s not.
How does RepCheckup manage fake reviews?
We combat fake reviews by steering more real reviews. Fake reviews may appear in multiples or randomly; there are a few reasons why they appear at all, such as an ex-employee may be trying exact revenge, a disgruntled customer or patient is attempting to retaliate, or your competitor is running a campaign to affect your business.RepCheckup treats fake reviews like any other review and encourage you to first keep private conversations private, but also to respond tactfully to point out known errors (e.g. “Our records show that you weren’t a patient here.”) or to express sympathy for their sub-par experience and offer to make things right.
Can RepCheckup install a point of sale review system for my retail business?
Coming Soon: We are currently working with a tablet manufacturer to provide an in-store reputation management interface. Contact us if you’d like to be put on the guest list for this exciting new premier.
Pricing & Support FAQs
How much does RepCheckup cost?
RepCheckup starts at just $100 per month per location or provider. This includes unlimited email and text messages, plus continual monitoring of up to 20 online rating and review profiles. RepCheckup can also claim and enhance your online profiles for $25 each. If your staff is too busy, we’ll also respond to reviews left on your profiles for another $10 per month per location or provider.
What fees will my account incur?
The only fees your account will incur are the per location or provider service charges, unless you want us to setup your online rating and review profiles or respond on your behalf to reviews left. We charge $25 per profile per location or provider to set-up profiles. We charge $100 per month, per location or provider, for our RapidResponse review follow-up service.
Why pay $100 for online reviews?
Online reviews increase your chances of a prospective customer working with you. Many times, customers will not come directly to your site, they are finding your industry on google, Yelp, facebook and other sites. From there they can read of other experiences and then come to your business. The more reviews and the higher the rating the more likely a customer is going to choose you over the competition.
Why isn’t RepCheckup cheaper - it’s just an app?
Cheaper compared to what? The cost of a bad online review or overall reputation? We think not so, my lord. But, in all seriousness, gaining just one customer per month by having a highly visible, positive online reputation that they can see often pays for our product itself.
Why do other reputation management services cost more/less?
There is no one size fits all reputation management service. Some providers work in niche markets and others offer add-on services. The price of various reputation management services varies depending on your industry, number of locations, and other factors. We focus on your reputation management while other services tend to have all other addons. We have a sister company that can offer that, but our team at RepCheckup is solely focused on bringing more reviews to you and increasing your business that way.
What happens to the reviews if I cancel my subscription?
Any and all reviews that you have online, from RepCheckup or otherwise, will always remain online. The value you gain through RepCheckup is not something that goes away after a cancellation, though studies have shown that people doing research online place much les value on reviews six months old. This is why RepCheckup is a tool that stays valuable over time, as there’s no such thing as “too many” reviews.
Company FAQs
Does RepCheckup offer other marketing services like social media management, email marketing, content marketing, SEO, or website optimization?
RepCheckup focuses solely on online review management. We do not provide other marketing services through RepCheckup. If you are looking for these types of online marketing services, we recommend you contact our sister companies, Pitch + Pivot and or InboundMD. Each of these companies provide these online marketing services and would be excellent choices. In fact, RepCheckup came about as a result of the work both of these companies were doing.
Where is RepCheckup located?
From where we’re sitting, we can see Lake Erie, the mighty Niagara River, and Canada. Care to take a guess? (Hint: RepCheckup is part of the resurgence of downtown Buffalo, New York.) Our building was once an Off Track Betting site, but rest assured there’s no gambling when you work with us.
How long has RepCheckup been in business?
RepCheckup was invented in September of 2016, based on the need for a simple and easy way to get more online reviews and spend less time monitoring them. At the time, Founder Garrett Smith was looking for a better way to ask for an online review than face to face or via paper. Working with several of his clients, Garrett and his team built the first version of RepCheckup in a few weeks. After several months of success, began working to offer the software as a standalone tool for any business.
How many people work at RepCheckup?
At RepCheckup, we have a dedicated staff of 7 in Buffalo, NY with 3 other teammates that work remotely, located across the world. Then there’s our review-seeking bots, constantly crawling the internet, checking up on your rating and reviews. When we combine, we’re like Captain Planet or Voltron, but for your online reviews.
What is the mission / goal of RepCheckup - why was the company started?
RepCheckup was created to give healthcare professionals and business owners struggling with online reviews, a simple and easy tool to ensure offline realities are properly reflected online. We saw a problem: too many good businesses and practices had low ratings due to poor review management or fake review campaigns. By supporting business-owners online, we have been able to put systems in place that continuously gather real reviews and feedback that buffer any negative or fake reviews.
How do I know RepCheckup isn’t just another scam?
The results of our review generation software speak for themselves. Log into your dashboard to watch your average rating and overall number of reviews increase. Plus, we offer a free trial. Sign-up and see for yourself.
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