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Increase your online reviews on websites such as Facebook, Google, and other industry specific websites.
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  • Eliminate Pen and Paper

    Easily send emails and text messages to customers requesting feedback about their experience with your business and a 5-star review. Eliminate the need for outdated pen and paper methods for gathering feedback and reviews.
  • Automate Online Review Solicitation

    Automate online review solicitation using text messages and emails sent after an office visit or sale. Consistently generate 5-star reviews on your online rating and review profiles.
  • Select Preferred Online Review Website

    Choose from over 10 different online rating and review websites to send customers to leave a review. Increase your ratings and reviews on Facebook, Google, Avvo, TripAdvisor, Healthgrades, Vitals, and other popular websites.
Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Getting More Online Reviews Important?

Online, the more reviews you have, the more social proof you have of your great customer experience or product you provide. Customers looking online are influenced by both the overall rating and the volume of reviews a business has on their profiles. The more positive reviews, the better the perception of your business.Plus, when you are consistently asking customers to leave new ratings and reviews on your public profiles, you’re protecting against the potential damage of a negative review. Remember, the only way to prevent the impact of negative reviews is to consistently receive positive ones!

How Do I Increase My Google Reviews?

Increasing the number of Google reviews you have on your Google My Business profile is an easy way to improve the search visibility for your business. This ensures the maximum number of people are exposed to your business - but it does take some work.In order to increase your reviews on Google My Business, the best thing you can do is implement a reputation management program that includes consistent solicitation of reviews from customers or patients - whether that is manual or automated using software, such as RepCheckup.

How Do I Ask Customers for Online Reviews?

There are many ways you could ask customers for online reviews: in-person, via a receipt or signage, via email, or via text. Ideally, you should be asking for reviews through a combination of these methods – with customers getting asked personally before you follow up with an email or text request. However, RepCheckup customers have found the most success with sending out text solicitations.

Should I Ever Buy Online Reviews?

Nope! There’s no situation that would make purchasing online reviews for your business a good idea. These reviews are often poor quality, obviously fake, and raise red flags for both your potential customers and the websites they appear on. Instead, save yourself the money and make sure your staff is properly trained on how to ask for reviews and use a reputation management tool to make soliciting customers easier.

Is It Okay To Incentivize Customers To Leave Online Reviews?

Incentivizing customers to leave online reviews with a discount or free gift is largely a gray area. Blatantly offering money in exchange for a good review IS a violation of the terms of service for many review platforms, like Yelp and Google, so we always recommend steering clear of gray areas just as much as you stay away from incentivizing reviews because they are essentially the same as purchasing reviews.
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