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September 10, 2019

How Do I Manage My Amazon Reviews

How Do I Manage My Amazon Reviews 1

Amazon is home to hundreds of millions of products available to fit every need and desire of the millions of people who are shopping online. If you’re a business owner, it’s a no-brainer to offer your products on one of the world’s largest online retailers. Once your products are online and are starting to get reviewed, you can use those reviews to empower your business and improve your customer experience. 

Here’s what you need to know to manage your Amazon reviews:

  1. How to Locate Your Reviews on Your Main Amazon Product Page
  2. How to Access and Read All Your Product Reviews Available
  3. How to Navigate and Filter Through Your Reviews in Greater Detail

The following process will go into greater detail to help you manage your Amazon reviews:

1. Locate your Amazon reviews on your product page:

Reviews and ratings for each product available on Amazon are available directly on the product page. Right by the product name and description and underneath the seller name, the current star rating for the product is available, as well as the number of customer reviews. 

How Do I Manage My Amazon Reviews 2

2. Click “customer reviews” for a deeper look into what people are saying about your product:

How Do I Manage My Amazon Reviews 3

3. Scroll through the information provided in your product reviews:

In addition to the total number of customer reviews given, you’ll also find a percentage break down of reviews by star rating, any product images provided by customers, phrases or words that are frequently used throughout several reviews, a button to write a customer review, and the actual reviews. You can toggle the reviews that are displayed in a number of ways that include ‘Top Reviews’ or ‘Most recent’ reviews or by a specific star rating. 

How Do I Manage My Amazon Reviews 4

4. Scroll further down and click “See all XX reviews”: 

Now you’ll be taken to a page where your product reviews can be broken down even further where your top positive review and top critical review are also listed. 

How Do I Manage My Amazon Reviews 5
How Do I Manage My Amazon Reviews 6

5. Filter through the different options for sorting through your reviews:

You can sort them from top rated to most recent, and filter by all reviewers or reviewers with verified purchases only. You can also filter to look at reviews from a specific star rating. For instance, if you want to see all the reviews you have where you were rated one-star, or five. 

Reviews can also be sorted by a specific format. For example, if your product was a notebook that came in both college-ruled or wide-ruled, you can choose to see reviews for just one of those formats.

You can even filter to see reviews that have either a picture or video. 

How Do I Manage My Amazon Reviews 7

The beauty of product reviews is that they allow buyers to give honest feedback about their experience of purchasing and using your product. To uphold this value, as a seller you cannot simply just ask for positive reviews or request reviews from customers who have only had positive experiences. This also means that you can’t ask reviewers to alter or remove their review simply because you don’t like what they’ve written. Violating Amazon’s review policies could result in having your seller account suspended. 

But if a review is abusive, be sure to contact Amazon so they can assist you in making sure that your product reviews are also in line with their community guidelines for buyers who leave reviews. 

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