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September 20, 2019

How Many Yellow Pages Reviews Do You Need?

How Many Yellow Pages Reviews Do You Need? 1

One of the most popular questions that we hear is: how many Yellow Pages reviews do I need to be successful?

The truth is that there is no good answer to this question. Reviews don’t have a cut-off number for many reasons, including:

  1. You Can Never Get Enough Good Feedback
  2. Customers Trust Newer Reviews
  3. Your Competitors are Always Getting New Reviews

To get a full understanding of why on-going online review management is important, continue reading this guide. 

Why There is No Magic Number of Yellow Pages Reviews

1. You Can Never Get Enough Good Feedback

There’s an old saying: all press is good feedback.

Here, we believe: all reviews are good reviews.

When a customer leaves a review for your business, whether it is positive or negative is almost irrelevant. Of course, everyone would prefer positive reviews. Negative reviews, however, help push your business to constantly improve.

Each review is a great source of feedback that you can use to take your business to the next level. Because of this, you’ll never want to stop getting reviews on your Yellow Pages profile.

2. Customers Trust Newer Reviews

Studies have shown that customers place more value on reviews under six months old. That means that you could have a constant flow of online reviews.

Chances are that your rating wouldn’t be affected by a few negative reviews once you hit a certain point. Afterall, your business’s rating is an average of each individual rating. Simple math shows that, if you get enough reviews, your rating should stay stable without much work.

Despite this, you still need to generate current good reviews. If all of your reviews are over six months old, potential customers may move on.

3. Your Competitors are Always Getting New Reviews

More business owners are becoming involved in online review management. This is a good thing for everyone, but it can make competition steeper. 

Your competitors are always getting new reviews. Even if you were the first to start managing your online reviews, stopping may put you at risk for being overtaken. 

Don’t leave things up to chance and keep up the great work managing your online reviews. This isn’t a six month project. It can’t even be contained within a single year. Instead, treat getting new reviews on your Yellow Pages profile as a constant activity so that you can keep succeeding.

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