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August 5, 2019

How to Delete Facebook Reviews

How to Delete Facebook Reviews 1

Whether you’ve received a scathing review or a fake one, the urge to simply delete questionable recommendations can be very tempting. Learning how to delete a Facebook review can make your life a lot less stressful when you’re managing your Facebook recommendations.

First, make sure that you are reframing this project in your mind. Facebook doesn’t allow you to delete recommendations all on your own. Instead, you will have to report recommendations first to potentially have them removed.

Here’s How to Delete Facebook Reviews

  1. Go to Your Business’s Facebook Page
  2. Find the Review that You’d Like to Delete
  3. Select “Report”
  4. Select the Reason the Review Should be Deleted
  5. Post on the Facebook Forums

1. Go to Your Business’s Facebook page

The first step that you’ll need to take is to actually access your business’s Facebook profile. This is where your business’s recommendations are located.

Once you’re on your profile, go ahead and navigate to the Recommendations and Reviews section. Then, click “See All” so that you can view all of your reviews.

How to Delete Facebook Reviews 2

2. Find the Review that You’d Like to Delete

Once you’re able to see all of your reviews and recommendations, the second step is simple! Just go ahead and find the review that you want to delete. 

More often than not, you’re going to find a new review that you’d like to delete. The newer a review, the closer it is to the top; this means you won’t have to scroll too far to find the review in question!

3. Select “Report”

Now that you’ve found the review that you want to delete, check the top right corner of that review box. You should see an icon with an exclamation mark within a chat bubble and a “…” icon. 

How to Delete Facebook Reviews 3

You can click either of these options to begin the reporting process. If you click the exclamation mark icon, the report box will be brought up immediately. If you click the “…” icon, you will see a handful of other options in addition to Report Post.

How to Delete Facebook Reviews 4

4. Select the Reason the Review Should be Deleted

Depending on the icon you clicked, your entire reporting process could look differently!

If you clicked the exclamation icon, you will be brought to a reporting screen that looks like this:

How to Delete Facebook Reviews 5

On this screen, you are given a fairly detailed list of explanations for why the review should be removed. Common choices that business owners use to get their review removed are: 

  • Recommendation Not Relevant
  • Unfair Recommendation
  • Harassment, or Spam

Make sure to take your time and select the right choice for you before hitting “Send.” You won’t be given an option to include more information with your report, so your choice in reason needs to be perfect.

However, if you clicked the “…” icon, then clicked Report Post, you will be brought to this window:

How to Delete Facebook Reviews 6

As you can see, this option gives you even fewer options to defend your case. To try and delete a review, you will have to select between “It has nothing to do with this Page” or “I think it shouldn’t be on Facebook.” 

Though we recommend the first option, make sure you still take your time. This will help you make the right selection before selecting “Continue,” since you will not get an opportunity to include more information afterward.

5. Post on the Facebook Forums

Think of this step as a proverbial “Hail Mary” rather than a set-in-stone solution. Facebook has a robust online forum where users can interact with each other. Facebook staff is fairly good at monitoring these forums and stepping in with answers whenever possible.

If you are struggling to handle a particularly difficult situation, you could create a post on these forums looking for advice. In the worst case scenario, you get valuable feedback from others who have gone through the same experience. In the best case scenario, you get great feedback from other business owners and a Facebook staffer chimes in to help.

Deleting a Facebook review or recommendation isn’t as straight-forward as hitting the “Delete” button. Despite this, you still have a few good options to get the review looked at and potentially removed if it has violated Facebook’s Terms of Use.

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