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October 6, 2019

How to Get BBB Reviews in Bulk

How to Get BBB Reviews in Bulk 1

When you’re looking to get reviews in bulk, your best option is going to be using an online review management tool. However, there are several ways that you can work on getting BBB reviews in bulk. In this guide, we will be discussing the top 3 options you have. 

Want BBB Reviews in Bulk?

To get as many reviews as quickly as possible, test out these options:

  • Individually Ask Your Customers
  • Always Ask In-Person
  • Use an Online Review Management Tool

Individually Ask Your Customers for Reviews

For many businesses, collecting customer information is par for the course. You should be gathering information like their name, phone number, and address so that you can request a BBB review via text or email.

Sending your customer a text or email with a link to your BBB profile. This will give them the chance to leave a review as soon as they see the message. Linking them directly lets them click the link, sign in, and leave their feedback instantaneously. No guesswork or remembering to leave a review needed!

While sending a text or email is an exceptionally successful way to ask for BBB reviews, doing so individually may take time. Remember to set aside time in your schedule to contact your customers and do so regularly!

Always Ask In-Person

The first way that you can gain reviews in bulk on your BBB profile is to ask every customer. Work closely with your staff to ensure that they understand the importance of getting new reviews on BBB. Then, check in with them regularly to see how asking every customer for a review is going for them.

By asking each customer in-person, you are increasing your chances of getting a review from that person. So, get started on the right path, and start asking away!

Use an Online Review Management Tool

The most successful and efficient way to get reviews in bulk on BBB is to use a tool. With these pieces of software, you can monitor all of your business’s most important profiles – including BBB. 

In addition to monitoring all of your profiles from one dashboard, these tools will allow you to send hundreds of review requests at once.

Unlike asking customers individually, this method will not require you to enter each customer’s information by hand. Instead, you can upload a spreadsheet with your customer information. Then, all you’ll need to do is select which review profile and message template you’d like to send them and hit “Send!”

By working efficiently and effectively, you can get multiple BBB reviews from your customers at once. To get started on the right foot, try combining some of these methods so that you can get as many reviews as possible.

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