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August 5, 2019

How to Get Facebook Reviews

How to Get Facebook Reviews 1

As a savvy business owner, getting more Facebook reviews is an excellent way to improve your online reputation. Better yet, Facebook reviews, which are now known as “recommendations,”can sway a potential customer’s decision to work with you.

Getting more Facebook recommendations may feel like an overwhelming process at first. Once you get into the groove of these next few steps, though, you’ll be getting great feedback on Facebook.

How to Get More Facebook Reviews

  1. Ask Your Customers In-Person
  2. Post to Social Media
  3. Send Out Texts and Emails Asking for Reviews
  4. Use an Online Review Management Tool

1. Ask Your Customers In-Person

Studies have shown that people are much more likely to leave a review if they’re asked. The easy way to make this statistic work in your favor is to ask! 

Work with your team to help them understand the importance of online reviews and practice several methods of asking in person. While some people may be uncomfortable asking directly for recommendations on Facebook, you may all brainstorm some creative ways to ask. 

If you work at a restaurant or hotel, you can ask for a review when the customer is checking out. You can also leave small signs on your tables, or in your rooms, that point your customers to Facebook for a review about their experience.

For retail or service businesses, you can work with your team to get them used to asking customers for a Facebook review about their experience after they have completed the sale.

No matter what feels best to you, just make sure you’re asking consistently. 

2. Post to Social Media

Another great way to get recommendations, especially on Facebook, is to actually post a request for them. 

How to Get Facebook Reviews 2

Many businesses have a following of customers who want updates on their social media accounts. By posting a request for a review, you may be surprised how many people will leave their feedback as a result. 

3. Send Out Texts and Emails Asking for Reviews

If you want more Facebook recommendations, you should try and make things as easy as possible for your customers to do so. One great way to ask for a review and increase your chances of getting one is to send out a text or email request.

Think about it: customers will be checking their text or email on their phone or computer. Those are both devices that can access the internet and follow links easily. They’re also devices that are likely already signed into Facebook! If you send out a message with a link to Facebook to get a review, they’re likely to click that link and get the review done right then and there.

Some business managers choose to send these messages out individually, while others choose to use a tool to be able to send these messages in bulk.

4. Use an Online Review Management Tool

The last point that we’re going to cover in this guide is how you can use online review management tools to get more Facebook recommendations.

There are dozens of tools out there that can help you monitor and manage your profiles – including Facebook. By giving you one central dashboard to view all of your new reviews, these tools are already invaluable. However, many also give you another fantastic option that you should not pass up: sending messages to your customers.

Whether you choose to send a text or email to your customers, you have the option of sending a survey in addition to your review request. With each request, you can also update the profile that you are sending them to.

That way, you can gain valuable information from your customers while also gaining new Facebook recommendations if you’d like. Otherwise, you can just focus on the reviews and gather great feedback from them alone!

Getting recommendations on Facebook is an important way that you can improve your business’s standing and trustworthiness. In the eyes of a new potential customer, recommendations on Facebook can make or break their decision to work with you.

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