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August 13, 2019

How to Get TripAdvisor Reviews

How to Get TripAdvisor Reviews 1

Getting more reviews on your business’s TripAdvisor profile is a great way to represent your business. Many customers find reviews to be more trustworthy than the information the business itself provides. Why? Because online reviews are an honest outlet for feedback.

That’s why your team should be asking all customers for reviews on TripAdvisor if you are in the hospitality, food, entertainment, and travel industries. 

How to Get More TripAdvisor Reviews

  1. Ask In-Person
  2. Text and Email Your Customers
  3. Create Online Review Cards
  4. Post Signs Around Your Business

Let’s take a look at what goes into each step:

1. Ask In-Person

When you want to get more reviews on your TripAdvisor profile, the key is to start off by asking customers in-person. 

By dropping your request at a natural point in conversation, you stand a great chance of getting the review! 

Work with your team to discuss the different ways that they could ask customers for a review. Some people feel most comfortable asking during check-out. Others may want to mention a TripAdvisor review while the customer is checking in so that they can remind them during check-out.

No matter the way you ask, make sure you’re being consistent! Every review counts so asking each customer should become a habit.

2. Text and Email Your Customers

In terms of getting the best results, texting and emailing your customers is a great way to get TripAdvisor reviews.

Cellphones and computers both have easy access to emails, texts, and review sites like TripAdvisor. Chances are they your customers are already logged into TripAdvisor on their device. So, when you text or email them with a request for a review, they are already on the right device to get the job done!

While asking in person could be enough, many people are busy and may forget to leave the review. This is why texting and emailing them with a request is so helpful: the customer can easily click on a link that takes them right to your page, so they can leave the review right away.

You can send out these messages individually by hand, or use a software tool to send out in bulk. Just make sure you are entering their information correctly when you are doing so. Check that you are also using an email address or number you are okay with sharing. You should also ensure that you are sending them the right link, so always send a test message to yourself before contacting customers.

Some business owners also choose to use online review management tools to accomplish this. These tools allow you to upload CSVs full of customer information. This will allow you to send out as many review requests as you’d like with just a few clicks.

3. Create Online Review Cards

Many business owners choose to use online review cards when they’re gathering more TripAdvisor reviews. These cards can be handed out to all of your customers, stapled to their receipt, slipped into take-home bags, or left in each room.

These cards serve as great reminders and instructions that will lead your customers to leave a review on your TripAdvisor profile. 

How to Get TripAdvisor Reviews 2

4. Post Signs Around Your Business

Another popular option is to use signs posted around your business to remind customers to leave a review on your TripAdvisor profile.

These signs can be big or small, and you can get as creative as you want! Many businesses choose to have small signs by their registers. Others post larger signs in their windows.

You can also choose to feature quotes from real reviews as well as showcasing a request for the review itself.

Using signs will give you the opportunity to catch your customer’s eye.

Getting more reviews on TripAdvisor takes consistency, but it also gives you the chance to hear back from many of your customers. You can use their feedback to continually improve your business and better stand out from your competition.

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