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December 22, 2017

What’s the Worst Part of Your Day?

What’s the Worst Part of Your Day? 1

What’s the Worst Part of Your Day? 2

What’s the worst part of your day?

We’re always told to “focus on the positive.” So we ask ourselves: what was the best thing that happened today? Who was interested in our product today? How many new customers did we have?

Why do we never talk about the shittiest part of the day?

Hear us out.

If you got together for 10 minutes a day, or once per week, with the primary focus of discussing the worst part of your week, maybe you can improve it. Maybe other people are having the same problem as you. Now, we have found there is a known need and desire to change this part of the day.

Do we have your attention yet?!?!

You don’t always have to discuss these issues with others in your exact field. Instead, meet with other professionals outside your field of expertise to see if they may be doing something a different way that could help you.

At the very least, conversing with people inside and outside of your industry may spark an idea to help fix the “worst part of your day.”


Like most things, fixing problems really boils down to communication. We commonly hear people say that there is a lack of communication causing a problem, but it’s exceedingly rare to hear about communication creating an issue.

If you have time to communicate your issues, you will have time to possibly solve those issues. Over time, open communication and effort actively going toward problem-solving can allow your entire team to be more productive. The results? More productivity should should, in turn, produce more positive outcomes.

What’s the Worst Part of Your Day? 3

Now, what?

At RepCheckup, we challenge all of you to implement this practice in your daily/weekly/monthly meetings. Don’t ask where people are struggling. Don’t ask where they seem to be lacking. Simply ask what’s the worst part of their day.

Maybe trends will arise and you’ll start to realize this is an issue that many people are having. It could be something you want to dig deeper and start to create a tool that people can use. Could this become a side business for you? Could it become a tool to build your own business around? That’s for you to find out.

Now, start complaining about the crappy side of your day and get to fixing it! 

What’s the Worst Part of Your Day? 4

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