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February 2, 2018

How to Increase Healthgrades Reviews

How to Increase Healthgrades Reviews 1

After going through so many years of medical school, where good grades were of great importance, we’ve arrived at the topic of “grades” yet again – specifically your standing on Healthgrades, a popular review platform for medical providers. With over 3 million individual provider profiles amassed on their site since 1998, getting set up with Healthgrades is a definite must when it comes to properly managing your online reputation and making sure you’re well represented across the web.

As with all of your professional profiles across websites like Google, Yelp, Facebook, Zocdoc, and Vitals,  you’ll want to make sure that your Healthgrades profile is properly claimed and has a steady stream of reviews heading its way.

Here are some steps you can take to increase your reviews on Healthgrades that don’t require you to go into the gray zone of their terms of service.

Enhance Your Healthgrades Profile

One of the first steps you should take is enhancing your Healthgrades profile. When you have a Healthgrades profile complete with a great headshot and all of your professional information, you are enticing patients to leave their review there. Why? Because patients (and any reviewer for that matter) will want their review to be read.

If they find a barren profile on a website they’ve never heard of, they have to acknowledge that any feedback they leave on that profile is unlikely to be read.

Instead, patients are looking for a fully optimized profile to leave their feedback on so that prospective patients and you can eventually read it.

Ask Your Patients for Reviews on Healthgrades

This is the number one point we try to emphasize with all of clients: you’ll never get what you want if you don’t ask first! This holds true in the world of online reputation management, as studies have shown that the majority of patients would leave a (positive) review if they’re asked and directed to a specific website.

This means that, as a provider who has built a relationship with this client, you should feel comfortable asking them to leave a review for you on Healthgrades as you are closing your appointment and saying your goodbyes.

Similarly, make sure your front desk staff is properly trained on how to collect information that could allow you to follow-up with a patient and send them solicitations to leave a review on a designated profile. Tools like RepCheckup, more specifically, will allow you to import a spreadsheet of client contact information and directly send individual text messages to this list (in bulk) to request for reviews.

Use an Online Reputation Management Tool to Boost your Healthgrades Rating

One of the most unsettling things that we’ve seen surface in the online reputation management space is the use of fake reviews or monetary/prize incentives that try to push patients into leaving a review on certain professional profiles.

Not only is using a monetary or prize incentive against the terms of service of many review websites, as incentives undermine the idea of a totally unbiased review, but it destroys the confidence that users can place in your business and these websites. This is not to mention that, if caught, your profile could be deleted and blacklisted.

The takeaway? It’s better to use honest methods to drive real online reviews to your professional profiles.

For some business owners and providers, logging in and out of individual websites to evaluate new reviews and respond to them is par for the course. In other circumstances, such a process takes too much time and effort to be worthwhile. After all, you will want to be able to dedicate some time every week, at minimum, to following up with your review profiles to keep up with your reputation on each.

It’s in these situations that using an online reputation management tool could be to your benefit. Our tool, Repcheckup, allows business owners, doctors, and practice managers alike to use a single, centralized dashboard to monitor and respond to reviews across any review profile that you connect it to. This in itself is a huge timesaver that many of our clients enjoy!

Perhaps the most beneficial part of Repcheckup is the setup we have for patient outreach. Instead of sending out dozens of individual emails, you can simply upload a spreadsheet containing patient contact information (like their email address or, better yet, their mobile number). Once this spreadsheet is uploaded, you’ll be able to compose a canned message and select a specific profile that you’d like this round of patients to be directed to.

With a few clients of a button, you’ll be able to directly message your clients and have them be directed to a single profile (like Healthgrades) all in one step.

If you’d like to know more about how you can boost your reviews on any professional profile, please reach out to us!

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