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July 29, 2019

Introducing RepCheckup 3.0

Introducing RepCheckup 3.0 1

Hey RepCheckers!

Garrett here with an important bit of news.

We’re proud to announce that last week we released v3 of RepCheckup. This our largest new release to date and brings a number of updates.

We wanted to share the details of the new version with you below.

Please continue to reading to learn what’s new and possible in this latest version!

Introducing RepCheckup 3.0 2
Plans have been simplified. Existing users on old plans will be grandfathered.

New Plans

We have dramatically simplified our pricing plans. We now have two plans: Starter and Professional. The Starter plan is free, but comes with limited functionality. This plan is meant for businesses just getting started with review and reputation management. The Professional plan is $100, and it includes access to all RepCheckup features, including those below, 500 text messages, and 5,000 email messages per month.

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Introducing RepCheckup 3.0 3
New UI makes RepCheckup easier to use than ever before!

Enhanced User Interface

RepCheckup v2 comes with a major upgrade to the user interface. We revamped the branding, look, and feel of every screen of the software. We now allow the ability to upload your logo to customize the software and review landing pages. All of this was done to make the software easier to use and improve its usability on tablets and mobile (we’re getting there). As a result of these improvements, the software is also faster than ever before!

Introducing RepCheckup 3.0 4
You can now get daily review updates with our new monitoring capabilities.

Daily Review Monitoring

With v2 of RepCheckup, Professional users now get daily review monitoring. This means that your reviews are now updated daily, instead of weekly. Note that users on the Starter plan only get weekly review update

Introducing RepCheckup 3.0 3
Get access to the most important review information right on one page.

Updated Dashboard

In v2, you will notice that we overhauled the main Dashboard. The updated Dashboard offers a more focused overview of your current performance. The updated Dashboard also features our new Smart Task Manager, which makes managing reviews easier than ever before. Will also updated the organization and dashboard pages to provide more key information without going into your dashboard. This should make it easier to quickly check your current performance.

Introducing RepCheckup 3.0 6
Generate reviews in-person using our kiosk mode and a tablet or review kiosk.

New Kiosk Mode

You might not want to generate feedback and reviews using an email or text. That’s why, in v2 of RepCheckup, we’ve released our new Kiosk Mode. With Kiosk Mode, you will be able to capture feedback and reviews in person using an Android tablet or one of our new Review Kiosks. As a customer leaves your office, hotel, restaurant, or shop, they can leave a review on the fly with our Review Kiosks!

Introducing RepCheckup 3.0 7
Generate reviews outside of RepCheckup using your public URL.

Public Review URL

Oftentimes, you want to ask customers for feedback or a review via an existing marketing channel, such as an email newsletter, or a business document, like an invoice. Using your Public Review URL, you can send anyone directly to your feedback capture page. This allows you to capture feedback and reviews outside of the messages sent through RepCheckup.

Introducing RepCheckup 3.0 8
Take review management to the next level with notes, statuses, and tags.

Advanced Review Management

There’s more to managing your reviews than simply responding to them. In v2, you will find all new Review Management capabilities that make handling your reviews easier than ever before. Using the new Review Management functionality, you can note, tag, and set the status of each review. This gives you an easy process to properly manage your reviews.

Introducing RepCheckup 3.0 9
Our new Smart Task Manager outlines what needs to be done each day.

Smart Task Manager

In conjunction with our review management capabilities, we have also released our new Smart Task Manager. Our Smart Task Manager keeps track of what you have done, and what has yet to be done, on a day-to-day basis. This makes it simple for you to stay on track or catch up if you fall behind with your review management.

Introducing RepCheckup 3.0 10
You no longer need to upload or enter separate phone and email lists!

Simplified Messaging

With v2 of RepCheckup. we simplified how you send messages. The software now recognizes whether the contact is an email or text message, allowing you to upload mixed user contact lists. We’ve also made it possible to send out non-feedback or review-related messages.

Introducing RepCheckup 3.0 11
Get alerts and notifications based on what’s happening in RepCheckup and with your reviews.

Alerts and Notifications

The new version of RepCheckup also brings new alerts and notifications. Visible from the top bar, you can now see a digital trail of all activity and happenings inside of your account. This allows you to ensure reviews are being managed and that tasks are being completed as assigned.

Introducing RepCheckup 3.0 12
Get as little or as many emails from RepCheckup as you like.

Email Management

You can now turn on and off the different reports that RepCheckup sends to your email. These new settings allow you to pick and choose which digest emails, alerts, and notifications you wish to receive. This will allow you to receive as much – or as little – communication from us as you’d like.

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