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February 22, 2018

The Last Step After a New Online Review: Promotion

The Last Step After a New Online Review:  Promotion 1

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear, did it make a noise?

The same can be said for an online review. RepCheckup does a lot of the grunt work in getting you more and more online reviews everyday, but with plenty of people checking these review sites, there is always more you can do.

It’s time to promote your online reviews!

Let’s take a few short minutes here to breakdown where to promote, how to promote, and why you should be promoting your businesses to improve your online reputation management. Reviews online represent authentic customer insights and they need to be screamed from the hill tops to prospective new customers.

Where To Promote Your Online Reviews

When it comes to the promotion of almost anything, don’t limit yourself to one avenue. The first step should be to get any online reviews you have to your website. More and more businesses have a page dedicated to showcasing all your customer’s feedback. This is great info for prospective customers to look at while evaluating whether to contact you to do business.

You also have other options for promotion such as:

  • Social Media
  • Newsletters
  • Signage in your office
  • Inserts in packaging when shipping products

Be creative when working in your online reviews on new promotional activities. When you discover different ways to engage with your customers, it allows you to build a solid foundation to create long term customers!

How To Promote Your Online Reviews

The first promotion method I always recommend is to promote your online reviews by taking screenshots of them – then share it! This gives you an simple, easy-to-read image of the customer feedback, star rating and when the review was left.

Online Reviews Need To be Everywhere

If you’re promoting these online reviews on social media channels, go ahead and use the customers name if you have it. If they were willing to leave a public review, it would be a great feeling to know someone from the business has seen their feedback and wanted to share it.

Why Bother Promoting Online Reviews?

Now, you know where to promote your reviews and how to promote your reviews. The last question I want to answer for you is WHY you should make promoting your reviews part of your online review management strategy.

Unless you’re giving something away for free, I think using your online reviews could be one of the best forms of promotion you have in your marketing toolbelt. I’m sure you can go out and cherry pick your best customers and ask them to give you feedback, but that is not what is happening with online reviews.

The Last Step After a New Online Review:  Promotion 2

Authentic feedback is hard to find.

Online review sites aim to be unbiased platforms where customers spend their own time to review a business with nothing in return. 85% of prospective customers will trust these online reviews as much as a recommendation coming from friends/family.

Time To Make Some Noise and Knock That Tree Down

Promoting your online reviews is one more way to can set yourself apart from your competition. Find the platforms or avenues you interact most with your customers, share the online reviews and wait for even more feedback to come flying in.

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