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January 17, 2018

Online Reputation Management Tips for 2018

Online Reputation Management Tips for 2018 1

It’s time to get your online presence in shape with these 10 tips for 2018

There’s a lot that goes into having a great online reputation. It’s not always easy to ensure offline realities are properly reflected online. That should make having a great online reputation management program in place a top priority for your business. Here are 10 online reputation management tips that should help your get online presence in the best shape ever.

The 10 Best Online Reputation Management Tips for 2018

1. Enhance Your Online Presence.

The first step to making sure you have a great online reputation is to tidy up all of your major online profiles. From Facebook and Google, to TripAdvisor and Yelp, you should spend some time polishing up anywhere your customers can find you online. You only get one chance to make a first impression, even online.

2. Just Ask for the Online Review!

When asked, most of your customers will leave a positive online review. This means you have to consistently ask customers for online reviews in order to get more of them over time. The best way to do this to implement an online review program that monitors both your review volumes and overall ratings. (Hint: RepCheckup)

3. You Won’t Forget to Ask, If You Automate.

There’s so much going on at your organization that it’s very easy to forget to ask every customer to leave an online review for your business. You can avoid this by using online reputation management software that solicits online review from a customers via emails or text messages after the sale. Plus, using software helps you avoid those sometimes awkward review solicitation conversations with customers.

4. Don’t Worry About Negatives 🙁

The potential for a negative online review stops many organizations from even asking. The reality is that the overwhelming majority of customers will positively rate you and your business online when asked. In fact, over thousands of solicitations, across dozens of industries, we see less than 2% of customers disappointed with the products and services they receive.

5. Promote, Promote, Promote!

Don’t limit your efforts to just getting more online reviews on your various profile. Use the online reviews you get throughout your marketing efforts! You can add them to your website, feature them in your ads, have signage in the office that display them, and encourage other customers to leave them. Remember, your online reviews are powerful word-of-mouth drivers!

6. Respond to Every Online Review, Positive or Negative.

If you’re customer took the time to leave an online review for your business, you should have the time to respond! Not only does responding tell the customer that you appreciate their recognition and care about them, but it shows other potential customers that you actively engage with customers. Something that most customers appreciate about the business they frequent.

7. Don’t Forget to Monitor Your Most Popular Online Profiles!

You often see a lot of advice online about asking for online reviews, but not everyone mentions the importance of monitoring your review profiles. This is so important because not all of the online reviews you receive will be through your own solicitation efforts. It also helps you quickly address any potential fake reviews from competitive business, ex-employees, or others acting below board.

8.  Analyze Your Online Review Data.

Looking your best online is not the only goal of online reputation management program. Neither is getting new customers. Becoming a better business and organization is the true goal of an effective online reputation management program. Soliciting feedback and online reviews from customers gives you powerful data to make improvements to your product, services, process, and people. You can create a powerful loop for your business by looking at your online review data, and acting upon it.

9. Promote and Solicit Online Reviews, Offline.

Not every online review starts online! You might be among the millions that see more customers in your store or office, than you see on your website each day. If that’s the case, make sure to put your online reviews on display, and provide instructions for customers on where (and how) to leave an online review for your business. Oh, and don’t forget to ask face to face for a review. Even if you are sending automated solicitations. This is great reinforcement.

10. Provide a Great Customer Experience!

Hey, it’s worth mentioning that the easiest way to have a great online reputation is to actually provide a great customer experience. Notice I said, experience. Today, it’s not enough to just have a great product or service, the way you deliver it has to be great too! This is most often the reason for a negative online review. Luckily, you can use your online review data to make the right improvements!

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