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February 24, 2018

Online Reviews Are The Middle Child of Marketing

Online Reviews Are The Middle Child of Marketing 1

Some will say being the middle child isn’t easy, but the middle child can also be the strongest.

This is exactly how I feel about customer reviews.

Online reviews all too often seem to be pushed to the side of a marketing strategy. Based on a perception, many business executives decide to focus on other aspects of marketing, such as content, and design, which is great, but reviews, like your middle child, can’t always be pushed to the wayside.

That’s because customers are trusting online reviews more and more, so there is no time like the present to start adding them up on your review profiles!

Businesses Forget About The Power of Online Reviews

When it comes to marketing, businesses seem to think it’s all about Google rankings and being on social media. I’m not here to tell you those are wrong, but there is only so much value you can squeeze out of a “Happy Valentine’s Day” graphic that you post on Facebook or Instagram.

When you start to put a focus on online reviews, prospective customer that are interested in buying from you are able to get a realistic idea of your business. After they’ve purchased from you, then you can delight them with the cute cat pictures on Instagram! (Which we’re not saying will get them to buy again, but hey, maybe they will. People really love cats, right?)

Customers Trust Online Reviews Like Personal Recommendations

An online review from a customer about their experience is similar to them telling their friends and family, which can speak volumes to a potential customer doing their research. Studies show that online users are have already started to trust online reviews as much as if their friends or family were recommending it.

Online Reviews Always Seem To Be Lurking Around

The middle child may sometimes be neglected, but never it (obviously) never goes away. I can hear the conversations now:

  • “Oh, we will get to those reviews next week.”
  • “Eh, that person doesn’t know what they are talking about!”
  • “We need to spend our money on cats to post pictures about them on Instagram”
  • “We can’t ask for reviews, that’s rude. They will fill it out if they want to.”

Make sure you’re asking every customer to leave feedback online. Most customers will leave feedback when they are asked. And, if they happen to leave negative feedback, make sure you’re responding to it.

Online Reviews Don’t Need To Be Time Consuming

There are online reputation management tools that will help you keep an eye on things and solicit more reviews! Time is a very valuable entity when growing a business, so keep seeking out new tools to help make things easier.

Online Reviews Support Your Marketing Efforts

When potential buyers find your website, search your products, and view your social media profiles, another aspect that pushes them to buy from you is checking out your ratings. Customers are looking for that complete package when it comes to your online presence. When you’re boosting your focus on online reviews, and finally giving that marketing middle child the attention it deserves, you’re also helping to grow your revenues!

Let The Marketing Middle Child Shine!

If you’re a middle child, you may be relating to my analogy more than others, but I ask that everyone dedicates the time to give your online reviews. Start asking customers, begin responding to all your reviews and then start to see the new customers flow in!

So, are you going to sign up for RepCheckup or are you going to find your own way of getting those online reviews?

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