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December 15, 2017

Online Reviews, More Than Just a Star Rating…

Online Reviews, More Than Just a Star Rating… 1

With the emergence of review sites/platforms, such as Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, Healthgrades, and plenty of industry specific sites you need to make sure your business is receiving the online reviews needed to surpass the competition.

But, are online reviews more than just a star rating…?

Let’s take your understanding of online reviews one step further to solicit great customer feedback for your records!

Insights into your ideal customer

When a customer has a positive experience, you’ll want to find out a few things about them:

  1. How did they hear about you? Knowing this specific detail will clearly show you where your marketing/advertising dollars are best spent. By zeroing-in on the avenue that gives you the best results, you’ll start to see much more success in marketing.
  2. Why did they choose to work with your business? While there could be for multiple reasons or just one special thing that set you apart from the competition, you’ll want to know as much as you can about why a client is working with you. Whatever the case may be, take this information and run with it.
  3. What’s their background? What’s their field of expertise? Determining who the ideal customer is will be a great advantage for your business. However, you’ll need to find out what their background and field of expertise is to begin seeing overall trends. Once you have this info for as many of your clients as possible, you can start to target that industry and attack with a vengeance.  

Take a Deeper Dive with Customers who may not have had a Great Experience

Every time you find out out details behind a customer’s bad experience, think of it as another form of constructive criticism that can help you grow your business. When someone leaves your business with a bad taste in their mouth, work to figure out where the problem originated and how to solve it.

  • Is your website difficult to navigate?
  • Was it a poor interaction with an employee?
  • Could it have been product availability or shipping times?

Whatever the case may be, this is extremely insightful information. It is difficult to handle this information, but remember that perception is reality. How you are viewed by your customers determines your success.

Analyze Data. Improve Where Necessary. Rinse and Repeat.

I understand your everyday is busy and analyzing this feedback may seem like an low-level task, but it is important. You need to be scheduling time monthly to review this information and pivot your business as needed.

Make sure you’re listening to your customers as they have a view of your business that you rarely get to see. Tailor your efforts to reach the ideal candidates for your business, improve on aspects that your customers find to be lacking, and provide them with the best customer experience in your field.

In the end, you could have the greatest product out there, but if you don’t reach the right customers and provide them with a great experience they are willing to share, you will lose.

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