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February 20, 2020

RepCheckup Releases DirectResponse and Other New Features

RepCheckup Releases DirectResponse and Other New Features 1

The world moves fast. The same can be said for online reviews…and hopefully your review responses.

That’s why we’re excited to announce a number of new features that will make managing and responding to your online reviews faster, and easier, than ever before.

Before we dive into the details, here’s an overview of what’s new in our latest release: 

  • DirectResponse: Connect your review site accounts to enable DirectResponse, which allows you to respond to your reviews without leaving the RepCheckup dashboard.
  • CareDash integration:  Connect, monitor, and respond to your CareDash reviews without having to 
  • Redesigned email digests: See all updates in one easy-to-understand email each day.

Making Review Management and Response Faster

We’re continually pushing updates to make RepCheckup the fastest, and easiest way to manage your online reviews. The latest update to RepCheckup is no exception. 

Let’s take a look at how we’re making it faster, and easier, to manage online reviews!

DirectResponse: Respond to Reviews Without Leaving Your Dashboard

It’s no secret that responding to online reviews can be a painful experience. After all, you probably have better things to do with your time then open a dozen tabs in your browser just to see all of your reviews.

That experience is a thing of the past, with RepCheckup DirectResponse. Now, with DirectResponse, you can respond directly to reviews left on select websites without ever leaving RepCheckup.

Simply click on the “Reply” button and type your review response directly into the window that appears. Once you click “Reply & Close”, your review response will be posted live on the review website. 

RepCheckup Releases DirectResponse and Other New Features 2

And we didn’t just leave it at that. You can also edit existing review responses from the dashboard. That way, you can update your responses at any time! 

RepCheckup Releases DirectResponse and Other New Features 3

This feature is currently available for Google, Facebook, and CareDash reviews. Additional websites will be added over the coming months.

Manage and Use DirectResponse for Your CareDash Profile

CareDash is the fastest growing healthcare review website in the world. Now, RepCheckup has integrated directly with the CareDash platform to give you the chance to monitor your profile from your RepCheckup dashboard.

RepCheckup Releases DirectResponse and Other New Features 4

When a new review is posted to your CareDash profile, you can now respond to that review using our DirectResponse feature. That way, you can manage your CareDash reviews with the same level of ease as your other top profiles!

Redesigned Email Digests

We know that you’re busy. While RepCheckup makes it faster and easier, we’re always looking for ways to save time and hassle.

That’s why we’ve redesigned our email digests! These email digests are designed to keep you up to date with your online reviews, since we know you’re often on-the-go, but still want to keep an eye on your reviews. 

RepCheckup Releases DirectResponse and Other New Features 5

The newly redesigned email digest makes it easier than ever before to understand what’s happening with your online reviews, and what you’re doing to improve them. These digests also make it easier for you to access this information, with direct deep links to where the information is located inside of RepCheckup. 

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