Online Reputation Management Software
Increase positive online reviews automatically. Save time monitoring your online review profiles.
Customers and patients do their research online. Today, online ratings and reviews play a big role in the decision making process. Positively influence the decision making process with RepCheckup.
Online Reputation Management Software Overview
Increase Online Reviews
Increase your online reviews on websites such as Facebook, Google, and industry specific sites. Automate online review solicitation using text messages and emails sent after patients visit.
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Monitor Review Profiles
Monitor your online review profiles on websites across the internet from one simple dashboard. No need to check individual online profiles ever again.
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Prevent Negative Reviews
Prevent negative reviews from happening on your online profiles. Customers and patients who would not recommend you and your business are redirected to leave a private feedback that gets emailed to you.
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Rapid Responses
Quickly respond to positive and negative online reviews through a central dashboard. Easily respond to new reviews with a click-of-a button or save more time with our add-on Rapid Response service.
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Seamless Integration
Integrate directly with your EHR, EMR, API, or CRM to automate the sending of text messages and emails that patients and customers receive after every visit. Consistent solicitation and continual monitoring.
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Online Dashboard
View online ratings and reviews across all individual business/clinic locations and physicians/executives from your centralized dashboard. Use one login and password in one browser, instead of multiple logins.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Online Reputation Management Software?
Online reputation management software is an application that helps healthcare practices, doctors, dentists, dermatologists, healthcare practitioners from any field, and their office staff easily manage their online reputation. Online reputation management software saves time by automating patient review solicitation and allowing easy monitoring of doctor review profiles across the internet from a central dashboard.
Why Should I Use Online Reputation Mangement Software?
With all of the hard work and education you’ve dedicated yourself to in order to provide the best care possible for your patients, do you really want that undermined with bad or fake reviews that tarnish your reputation? Simply put, you should use online reputation management software because it makes managing the online reputation of your healthcare practice more effective and efficient. Online reputation management saves time and helps eliminate the manual pen and paper process that has traditionally been used to get patient reviews and testimonials.The upside of moving online? Prospective patients can view real reviews that reflect the excellent treatment and service provided at your practice.
How Does Online Reputation Management Software Work?
Online reputation management software works in two different ways. The first function of online reputation management software is to solicit new online reviews from patients after they visit your clinic or office. The second function is to continually monitor your online review profiles, alerting you when new ratings or reviews are left by patients. You can learn more about how RepCheckup works here.
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