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Enhance your online presence. Influence customer purchase decisions. Keep a pulse on your online ratings.

Managing your online rating and review profiles is often put on the backburner. A costly mistake, since online rating and review websites can have a powerful impact on how customers view your business. Here’s how RepCheckup can enhance your online presence and ensure the offline realities of the great things you do are properly reflected in your online reviews.

How the RepCheckup Online Reputation Management Solutions Works

  • 1. Find and verify your online review profiles

    Search popular online rating and review websites that customers use to find your profiles. Once you verify your online profiles, RepCheckup will begin monitoring them for new ratings and reviews.
  • 2. Enhance and update your online rating review profiles

    If you don’t have a profile, or your details are incomplete, a RepCheckup specialist will enhance your profiles or build them for you. If you want to get more hands-on, you can also enhance or build them yourself, adding them to RepCheckup at any time.
  • 3. Continually monitor your online review profiles

    It can be time consuming to keep a pulse on your ratings and reviews. Monitor your location and individual provider online review profiles 24/7, 365 with RepCheckup. Get alerts when new ratings and reviews appear online. No need to check individual online profiles ever again.
  • 4. Increase your positive reviews on Facebook, Google, and more

    Easily increase your online reviews on websites popular with customers with customized text messages and email solicitations sent to them after each visit. Capture feedback and generate 5 star reviews on your online review profiles.
  • 5. Integrate and automate your online review solicitation

    Never miss the opportunity for a new online patient review by directly integrating your CRM, EHR or EMR to automate the sending online review solicitations through RepCheckup. Over 30 popular CRM, EHR and EMRs used by businesses are supported.
  • 6. Prevent negative online reviews fon your profiles

    Stop negative online reviews from ruining your reputation. Customers and patients that would not recommend you are redirected to a private form to send their feedback in private.
  • 7. Respond quickly to online reviews when they happen

    Easily respond to new reviews in seconds with a click-of-a button. If efficiency is your goal, use our Rapid Response service to save your time and have us respond to every online review for you.
  • 8. Report and track your online reputation

    Track your progress over time with our online reporting dashboard. With your personal dashboard, you can generate reports for each business location, provider, and individual review website.
  • 9. Increase your profits and revenue

    Set yourself apart from the competition with more 5 star online ratings and reviews. More positive reviews will help increase your search engine rankings to get more customers in the door. Paired with our follow-up review systems, you can rest assured that your online listings and review profiles are getting prominent placement across the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management is the key to cultivating a positive perception online where customers are increasingly going to find a new providers of products and services. Too many businesses ignore their online profiles, reviews, and reputations in lieu of working to get people in the door through word of mouth and referrals. Make sure you capture online customers that are searching for what you offer - and ones that are using directores and review websites to make their decisions.With online reputation management, you’ll ensure that all of your profiles have the correct information about your practice, contain all relevant information to attract patients, and feature many positive reviews that accurately reflect the quality of your services.

What are the Benefits of Online Reputation Management?

A more successful business, of course! We know that the goal of all businesses is to help as many people as possible. By actively managing your online reputation, you will be able to ensure the offline realities of your business are accurately reflected online. Think of it as a way to showcase the great experiences customers have had with your business, so others know what they can expect.Actively managing your online reputation also offers the benefit of controlling damaging negative reviews left by customers, competitors, and even scammers. By addressing each review as it happens, you will be able to quickly mitigate issues and reduce the negative impact of the review. You can then use RepCheckup to get new online reviews that can effectively bury the bad ones left before.

What Does an Online Reputation Manager Do?

Think of an online reputation manager as your business’s personal guard dog. The job of a reputation manager isn’t to just claim your listings and take a look at your reviews. Instead, an online reputation manager will audit your business’s entire web presence to find areas where you can improve. Then, an online reputation manager can craft a strategy that ensures your reputation is protected and will look better over time. Every effort made by a reputation manager is aimed at boosting your rankings and, ultimately, bringing more customers through your doors.

How Does Online Reputation Management Help SEO?

Online reputation management does a few things to boost your SEO. First, search engine algorithms take a business’s ratings into account when they’re deciding which business show on maps, and local search results. This means that you’ll want to ensure that your business is rated highly compared to your competitor in order to have a shot at high search rankings. Online reputation management can also help you get more from your existing SEO efforts, but ensuring that once your business has been found, people are more likely to click on your result. Remember, finding a 2 star business is not what Google, or customers, want!

Why Is Your Online Reputation Monitoring Solution Free?

We believe that price shouldn’t be why business owners don’t manage their online reputations. We’re here to support businesses, and that’s why we offer free accounts to business owners with one location, which is the perfect starting point to manage your business’s online reputation before adding in additional locations.
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