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More customers than ever are using online reviews to determine what products and services they buy. Enhance your online presence and ensure offline realities are reflected in online reviews with RepCheckup.

Takes an NPS approach. Solicit feedback from customers, tools to post feedback on your site, tools to encourage customers to post positive reviews on 40+ review sites/social media engines. Classification (and separation) of reviews by star ratings. Flag poor reviews for staff follow-up. Monitoring of said sites/engines. Reporting and monitoring tools.

Business Address Buffalo, NY San Jose, CA
Website Address
Who uses it?
Who uses it? Healthcare, Dental, Real Estate, Retail, Hospitality, Auto SMB's, Enterprise and Agencies/Resellers
Starting Price $0 month $39.95/Month
Free Trial Free Account 30-day money back guarantee
Free Version
Business Listings
Campaign Management Solicit reviews through e-mail, text, kiosk and website pages. API's to push positive reviews to customer's site. Encourage positive reviews to leave reviews on over 40 sites such as Facebook, Google, etc. Reporting and management tools.
Review solicitation SMS or Email Email with NPS metric
Customer Review Platform
Response Management Respond to any of the integrated review sites directly from the Platform. Separate positive reviews from negative reviews and flag negative reviews for staff follow up
Review Monitoring Monitors and reports on (alerts also) major platforms, ability to report and view graphically. Respond directly from the platform
Sentiment Analysis
Net Promoter Score
Social Media Metrics
Social Media Monitoring Monitors and reports on (alerts also) all major social media platforms, ability to report and view graphically.
Enterprise/Multi-location support Up to 10,000 locations, charged by location, supports permissions by location
Competitor Review
Other Concierge-guided setup
Ticketing Generate reports with tickets
Type Email (8 hour quoted response time)
Hours 9-5pm EST Monday through Friday Regular Business Hours
Live Online "Live chat available at various times on our website"
Webinars Monthly
Documentation Yes, ebooks, blogs, and long-form content for education Quick start guide, online guide, knowledge base, FAQ.
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