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More customers than ever are using online reviews to determine what products and services they buy. Enhance your online presence and ensure offline realities are reflected in online reviews with RepCheckup.

Focused on pushing review requests out via SMS and email, monitoring and reviewing (and abilitity to respond) in an easy-to-use platform, and funnelling the best reviews to sites of your choosing.

Business Address Buffalo, NY New York, NY
Website Address
Who uses it?
Who uses it? Healthcare, Dental, Real Estate, Retail, Hospitality, Auto SMB's, Enterprise and Agencies
Starting Price $0 month $90 month for up to three locations, additional locations at $30 each
Additional Tiers $99, $75, $49, Based on Number of Locations Enterprise (up to 100 seats) Agency
Free Trial Free Account 14 Day
Free Version
Business Listings
Campaign Management Direct e-mail solicitation of reviews, manage their redistribution through predefined funnels (high reviews get pushed out, low reviews get separated out for follow up
Customer Review Platform Yes (different pricing tiers open up various review platforms)
Response Management Respond to any of the integrated review sites directly from the Platform. Separate positive reviews from negative reviews and flag negative reviews for staff follow up
Review Monitoring Monitors and reports on (alerts also) major platforms, ability to report and view graphically. Respond directly from the platform
Sentiment Analysis Word-cloud only (but separates reviews into "good" and "bad" and does a good wordcloud and a bad wordcloud.
Net Promoter Score
Social Media Metrics No (Previously offered Google Analytics support but are dropping that currently)
Social Media Monitoring Monitors and reports on (alerts also) all major social media platforms, ability to report and view graphically. Respond directly from the platform
Enterprise/Multi-location support
Competitor Review
Ticketing Generate reports with tickets
Type Phone and e-mail
Hours 9-5pm EST Monday through Friday 9-5pm EST Monday through Friday
Live Online
Documentation Yes, ebooks, blogs, and long-form content for education Online Knowledge Base
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