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More customers than ever are using online reviews to determine what products and services they buy. Enhance your online presence and ensure offline realities are reflected in online reviews with RepCheckup.

Similar to others in the category in terms of key features of soliciting and managing reviews, but their obvious point of disctinction is around the "employer brand" concept of driving engagement around employer/employee relationships.

Business Address Buffalo, NY 320 W Ohio St #2w, Chicago, IL 60654
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Who uses it?
Who uses it? Healthcare, Dental, Real Estate, Retail, Hospitality, Auto Automotive, Healthcare, Financial, Insurance, Restaurants, Franchise
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Business Listings
Campaign Management Tools to manage soliciting, viewing, disposition and follow up of online reviews from both cloud and mobile apps, with permissions levels to support multi-sites etc for local managers
Review solicitation SMS or Email
Customer Review Platform
Response Management No ability to respond to reviews from within the platform
Review Monitoring Notification of new reviews immediately or daily/weekly/monthly
Sentiment Analysis
Net Promoter Score
Social Media Metrics
Social Media Monitoring
Enterprise/Multi-location support
Competitor Review
Other Employer Branded Reviews (GlassDoor)
Ticketing Generate reports with tickets
Type Online
Hours 9-5pm EST Monday through Friday Regular Business Hours
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