RepCheckup VS YotPo
RepCheckup is an online reputation management platform that allows users to track feedback on all the major review platforms. Users can send out text messages and emails to solicit reviews from their clients, add customer information into their contacts, and send out surveys to gather even more information. By specializing in helping organizations improve their customer experience through reviews, ratings, and surveys, RepCheckup has created an easy-to-use platform that packs a punch.YotPo provides consumers with a platform that supports review management, SMS marketing, visual marketing, and referral programs. Instead of having a single focus on review management, YotPo works best for organizations that need multiple services to cover their web presence. With the YotPo free plan, users have access to review generation and moderation, widgets, analytics, and data security.  The YotPo premium plan gives users access to a wider variety of marketing integrations.
YotPo 1 YotPo 2
You want to learn more about the businesses behind the software before you sign up. Below you'll learn more about each company which may help you decide if RepCheckup is for you.

More customers than ever are using online reviews to determine what products and services they buy. Enhance your online presence and ensure offline realities are reflected in online reviews with RepCheckup.

YotPo was created primarily for ecommerce organizations. This platform promotes reviews on popular ecommerce engines, such as Shopify. YotPo works best for organizations that have a heavy focus on online shopping and using customer feedback to better market products.

Business Address Buffalo, NY New York, NY
Website Address
Who uses it?
Depending on your use case, RepCheckup may be a better alternative to your current solution. In this section, you will learn who each solution is designed for to help you understand which one best fits your needs.
Who uses it? Retail, restaurants, hotels, service providers, and healthcare providers like doctors, practices, and hospital systems. Small and medium businesses up to enterprise-level organizations. More focused on ecommerce organizations.
No one wants to over pay for software. You can use this breakout to understand the price of each solution. Hint: RepCheckup is the lowest priced per feature!
Starting Price $0 month $49 for up to 100 orders per month
Free Trial Yes, available as a Free Account Yes, available as a Free Account
Free Version Free Account Available, up to 500 texts and emails per month Free Account Available, up to 100 orders available
You and your organization might have different use cases that makes one solution better than another. Here you can compare the different ways in which the solutions can be used on, such as how RepCheckup is cloud based and can be used anywhere.
If you want to do a great job, you need to have the right tools. This means you need to make sure you solution has the right features; whether you're looking for a free account, or the ability to directly reply to reviews (RepCheckup does both).
Business Listings Not Available Not Available
Campaign Management RepCheckup gives users the opportunity to send out text messages and emails to their customers. Each message can be tailored to meet specific needs, such as asking for feedback through a survey or to get reviews on Facebook. Users can send emails and texts that contain a survey and review request. RepCheckup also has a Contacts feature where customer information can be stored. Users can send out campaigns in bulk or individually. Customers can leave reviews through the Shopify engine. Users also have the ability to send out a custom email with embedded code that allows the user to review the product without leaving their mail client (HTML). The YotPo reviews widget can be customized so that the reviews are formatted to match the site where they will be published.
Review solicitation SMS or Email, Surveys Enabled Email and Website Pop-ups
Customer Review Platform RepCheckup’s Dashboard gives users the ability to monitor all of their most important review platforms. The Dashboard also showcases aggregate data so that users can fully understand their organization’s online reputation at any given time. RepCheckup also offers analytics tools to filter/sort reviews based on platform, date range, star distribution, sentiment, and keywords. YotPo offers analytics tools to filter/sort reviews by product, review type, date range, star distribution, sentiment, etc.
Gamification Not Available Not Available
Response Management Yes, including the ability to respond to reviews from the RepCheckup dashboard and edit prior review responses. Yes, customers can use YotPo to respond to online reviews across profiles linked to the account.
Review Monitoring Yes, including a daily roundup of updates to all of the profiles attached to your account. Yes, supports notification based upon predefined sentiment analysis as well.
Sentiment Analysis Yes, users can search for reviews that include specific keywords. Yes, users can use sentiment analysis to learn more from their online reviews.
Net Promoter Score Yes, RepCheckup constantly monitors for changes to your organization’s NPS and this information is displayed on the Dashboard. Not Available
Social Media Metrics Available, only to monitor new reviews or recommendations on social profiles. Yes, YotPo includes features that allow users to integrate with social platforms to gather more data.
Social Media Monitoring Yes, you can connect RepCheckup with your Facebook profile and send customers requests for Facebook recommendations. Facebook can also be monitored through RepCheckup. Yes, YotPo includes features that allow organizations to monitor popular social platforms.
Enterprise/Multi-location support Yes, RepCheckup allows users to add multiple locations to their account. There is no limit to how many locations can be added to an account, though plan costs will change accordingly. Yes, YotPo supports enterprises and multi-location businesses through their platform.
Competitor Review Available Not Available
Other YotPo also offers fee-based management services
Ticketing Generate reports with tickets Not Available
Software is only as good as the support behind it. If you have any questions, concerns, or problems, make sure you’re working with company like RepCheckup that is ready to support your needs quickly.
Type Phone, Email, Live Support, Ticket Phone, Live Support, Ticket
Hours 9-5pm EST Monday through Friday Business Hours
Learning a new piece of software can be difficult! This is why it's important to make sure you get a proper onboarding training and have a robust help desk. Even though RepCheckup is easy to use, you get both an onboarding training and access to a consistently updated Help Desk!
In Person Available Available
Live Online Available Available
Webinars Available Available
Documentation Available – eBooks, Blogs, Help Desk, and Long-Form Content for Education YesAvailable – blogs, help desk, and further documentation.
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