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More customers than ever are using online reviews to determine what products and services they buy. Enhance your online presence and ensure offline realities are reflected in online reviews with RepCheckup.

Primarily targeted for ecommerce applications. Links reviews within popular ecommerce engines such as Shopify. Supports authenticity of "Verified buyers." Solicited emails include review right in the email (rather than a link), share the review on FB and Twitter.

Business Address Buffalo, NY David Khakhami St 12, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Website Address repcheckup.com yotpo.com
Who uses it?
Who uses it? Healthcare, Dental, Real Estate, Retail, Hospitality, Auto SMB up to Enterprise (several distinct offerings)
Starting Price $0 month $49 for 100 orders per month
Free Trial Free Account
Free Version
Business Listings
Campaign Management Customer can leave reviews in Shopify engine. Ability to send out a custom email with embedded code that allows user to review the product without leaving their mail client (HTML). Reviews Widget can be customized so that the reviews are formatted to match the site where they will be published. Smart sentiment analysis can be configured to push out reviews with strong sentiments to social media.
Review solicitation SMS or Email Email
Customer Review Platform Yes, analytics tools to filter/sort by product, review type, date range, star distribution, sentiment, etc.
Response Management
Review Monitoring Yes. Supports notification based upon predefined sentiment analysis also.
Sentiment Analysis
Net Promoter Score
Social Media Metrics
Social Media Monitoring yes
Enterprise/Multi-location support
Competitor Review
Other Offers fee-based managed services
Ticketing Generate reports with tickets
Type Phone, Live Support, Ticket
Hours 9-5pm EST Monday through Friday Business Hours
In Person
Live Online
Documentation Yes, ebooks, blogs, and long-form content for education
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