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August 20, 2019

What Is Avvo Rating

What Is Avvo Rating 1

The Avvo Rating system is a score from 1-10 that showcases the skill of a lawyer. With almost every single lawyer having an Avvo profile, this platform is key for anyone in the law industry. 

Ratings are submitted by clients who have worked with the lawyer. Avvo is known for maintaining honest reviews. To support this, they frequently remove suspicious posts so that their users can be connected with great legal representation.

Where You Can See Your Avvo Rating

Avvo prominently displays ratings whenever and whenever possible. On the Avvo home page, top-rated lawyers are featured. Their star rating, as well as a quote from a review, are displayed there as well.

What Is Avvo Rating 2

Once a user goes to an Avvo profile, they will get to see email more details about the lawyer’s reviews.

How Avvo Showcases Your Rating

Avvo breaks down each lawyer’s rating so that users can see how many 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 star ratings they received. As you can see in the example below, this lawyer has 25 reviews and 92% of them are 5-star reviews.

When comparing lawyers to make a decision, this information is extremely valuable.

What Is Avvo Rating 3

The Reviews portion of your Avvo profile also includes full-length reviews from customers. Avvo provides a seal stating that the reviewer hired the attorney that they are reviewing. 

With information at their fingertips, Avvo’s users can select the best lawyer to represent their case. Ratings and reviews are a key component when Avvo creates a search results page. This makes it even more important for lawyers to properly manage their Avvo profile and get as many ratings and reviews as possible.

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